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Makes It Better!!

We are now open 5 days a week!

Monster shakes are also available 5 days a week

You are now able to order online with Grubhub!

October Monster Shakes are:

Trick or Treat

Bacon Maple Nut

Pecan Pie

And yes, our signature shake - Strawberry Cheese Cake


Due to the slow down for the season cupcakes will only be available in store 

on the weekend (Fri, Sat and Sun) and for orders by the dozen

Cake, Sugar and Waffle Cones

Cake Cone

Quality Ingredients

These cake cones are made with a combination of three flours: pastry, cake, and tapioca. This combination produces a lighter, flakier cone with a subtly sweet taste that does not overpower the ice cream. These cones are also wrapped in either wax paper or machine-sealed film to provide tamper-evident packaging that extends shelf life and ensures a fresh, just-bake

Sugar Cone

Classic Shape

These delicious cones are made with flavorful brown sugar and feature a tapered, conical shape with a pointed bottom. Compared to cake cones or waffle cones, a sugar cone is a crispy, crunchy, and sturdy alternative that helps to prevent breakage!

Cake Twin Scoops Cone

Double the Scoops

With the twin scoop design, there's room for multiple scoops of ice cream in one cone! The two rounded cups displays your scoops side by side, rather than stacked on top of each other. The cone's pointed bottom is classic, yet its dual top is fresh and new!

Waffle Cone

Quality Ingredients

These cones are made with a blend of cake and pastry flours and brown sugar to produce a light-tasting cone with subtly sweet taste that does not overpower the ice cream. Many other brands use white or liquid sugar with added molasses, which gives a burnt aftertaste when compared to this recipe. With only a small amount of shortening, these waffle cones are specially crafted to prevent breakage.

Sundae, Milkshake & Splits


Indulge yourself with your own twist on a classic dessert. Our Sundaes are made with rich creamy Chocolate Shoppe Premium Ice Cream, covered in your choice of hot fudge, caramel or strawberry topping and crowned with rich whipped cream and a cherry. Make every day a “sundae”! Start with any flavor — or combination of flavors —  No matter what you choose to top it with, we guarantee you’re going to love the results!


Let your imagination run wild with FLAVORS.

Create your  milkshake from any of our 24 rich super premium ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe. You will notice the difference with the first sip. So many possibilities with your choice of milk (regular, Almond, or Oats). Make it just the way you like it. We are here for it!

Soda Floats

OH MY! Another great classic made with Chocolate Shoppe rich super premium Old Fashion  Vanilla ice cream and your choice of Orange, Root Beer or Coke. If you have a favorite childhood flavor tells us and he wont hessite to try it. We will welcome the experience of  eb and floating  with you!

Banana Splits

Delight in a traditional treat with any of your favorite flavors from our 24 rich Super Premium ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe, two banana slices, your choice of toppings  all crowned with whipped cream and cherries. Go ahead and just go Bananas! 

Iceberg Chillers

You and the Kidos will  love all 24 of  the natural flavors of Icebergs Chillers made  with real flavor extracts like Grape, Watermelon and Strawberry (as opposed to Purple, Pink & Red flavored artificial syrup!). Most importantly, Iceberg’s naturally delicious flavors capture the imagination of Moms with frozen beverage treats like Mango, Kiwi-Strawberry-Banana & Piña Colada. Give it a shot you won't be disappoint!

Banana Pops, Cakes & Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

Banana Pops

These are OMG super fun to make! Frozen Chocolate Banana Pops are for the kid in us all. It's hard to resist the sweet flavor of a frozen banana enrobed in a thin coating of shiny chocolate. Eat them plain or roll them in chopped nuts, crushed Oreos or even candied sprinkles. A perfect frozen treat for any day!

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

A crunchy and delectable Oreo® wafer cookie with any of our 24 rich Super Premium Ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe in the middle you will never go wrong with this dessert. If you would like you can even have in dunked in chocolate and wrapped in sprinkles. Oh the JOY!